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Alibaba Company Analysis

This is my Alibaba company analysis. It is a checklist style analysis, which helps me to answer questions about a company. I have not completed my research on Alibaba, so this analysis will change as I perform more research. I believe I have done enough research to have an opinion on Alibaba for myself though.…

My Ideal Portfolio

I follow the way Warren Buffett invested while running his partnership. I also mix it up with his newer investment style and some of the riskier stuff the younger gurus do. Many other gurus that I follow have their portfolios set up this way. They have a few differences from Warren, but the foundation of…

Company Analysis and Investment Guide

Checklists Keep Life In Order I have a checklist for almost everything. I’m not a checklist needing psychopath though. Although it’s harder for me to keep up with things without a checklist, I can get by without one. I just try to create a checklist everywhere it can be useful. Checklists are useful to me…

Quarter 1 2021 Guru Buys

I don’t Like Being Screwed I want to have the best chance at being successful and limit my chances of getting screwed. I also want to have the best chance at finding wonderful companies on sale. Looking at the quarter 1 2021 guru buys is a great way to do this. This the list of…

Risky Business in My Portfolio

I got tired of reading Alibaba’s analyst report after seeing that Charlie Munger is buying in. I decided do something more exciting by looking for businesses to add to my “Risky Business” portion of my portfolio. I wanted to start with recent IPO’s. I just googled “all recent IPOs” and I found the Stock Analysis…

Gurus, Numbers and Excel Calculators

I am going to talk about some gurus, numbers and excel calculators. Everything you read is my opinion and some things I’ve learned. A Great Teacher Phil town is a bit of a guru that I follow. He is a “bit” of a guru because he isn’t required to file a 13F filing. He is…

This is an Overview of My Investment Style

My investment style is value investing, but in the way of Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger. It was passed down by Benjamin Graham to Buffett. Buffett, influenced by Munger, put his own take on it. There are many Gurus/Superinvestors who have followed this well beaten path and became very successful. There are even hundreds, if…

This is Who I am

Who I am first and foremost is an aspiring investor. My dream is to follow in the footsteps of many great investors that walked the path laid by Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger, and start a hedge fund. A hedge fund in the style of Warren Buffett, Charlie Munger, Mohnish Pabrai, Bill Ackman and a…

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If you find this website useful and want to help make a dream come true, your contribution is appreciated. Yearly is extra appreciated!

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